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Q: How come the item I have received is smaller than what is shown in the picture?
A: We enlarged picture of our jewelry, customer can have a better view on the jewelry design and stone shape, and pattern.

Q: Why is the stone color little different from the picture?
A: All jewelry photos are taken by professional photographers. They use many photo equipments, like Flash, Day Light and etc. Some of the stone color might have effected a little. (Example: An amethyst stone is dark purple color, under the flash and lights it might affect the color a little and it shows little light purple instead of dark purple.) If you bring the jewelry outside under the sunshine you will see the same piece showing under the day light.

Q: Is all your jewelry 925 sterling silver?
A: Yes, all our jewelry is guaranteed 925 sterling silvers.

Q: Item show on the picture, is that what exactly the same item I will receive?
A: Yes, what you see in the picture is what actual item you going to receive.

Q: I can't find my answer on the FAQ lists, What should I do?
A: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US I do try respond as quickly as possible. I will be glad to answer any question you may have, so please feel free to contact me anytime.