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Our inspired Designer...

Harry Mestros was born in Australia, grown up in the beautiful, Greek island of Lesvos and got inspired by Mykonos island, where he opened his atelier and flagship store.

He is the heart & soul but also the “hands” behind our jewelry, as since 2012, he creates with his own hands, at his Mykonos atelier, all of the unique jewelry that he designs!

What differentiates him from other designers and made him stand out in the first place, is the fact that his handmade jewelry, are not being massively produced. Each HJ jewel is inspired and custom, hand-made by Harry Mestros, crafted in a single original piece, unique for everyone, as unique each one of us is.

Harry Mestros has put his heart into creating pieces for those who want to be special. Men and women with unique personalities and style that want to express that, through unique jewelry too. People who also believe in the power of stones and want to get the "magical" forces of the jewelry they wear.

Thus energy of each jewel is mostly significant for Harry Mestros who loves to create his unique jewelry using semiprecious stones he discovers and personally handpicks on his various trips to places such as Africa, Asia, the Indies, Thailand, and Bali where stones have great energy. But, he also collects many of his favorite rocks -agate, onyx, lava stones, raw pyrite, hematite, turquoise- from different parts of his homeland Greece, which despite its small size is among the richest countries in the world, with over 366 different minerals- some exclusively found in Greece.

The energy and healing powers of each stone he picks, inspires Harry Mestros to blend different stones and their distinctive energies in a unique new piece of jewelry, which will intensify in a unique way the bearer’s own energy. That is how he brings to life a new HJ jewelry and one after the other, all together initiate each year the birth of a new collection.

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