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The Legends Of The Gods - Premium Collection: KRAKEN

The Kraken is a fearless and enormous mythical sea beast that would destroy anyone or anything that would stand against him. In other words, it is something which is extremely large and difficult to control, and which you find rather frightening. This beast is nothing more than our inner and most hidden fears. It stands for all the secret terrors and panics that sometimes we don’t even know. Wear this extraordinary piece of art to remind yourself that you have control upon these fears and that they exist only in the imaginative world. The design of the bracelet was based on the idea of the of the Kraken having a hold on the wrist . Wear a bracelet that is unusual and bold but at the same time artistic and mystical. A bracelet which reminds you of forgotten myths full of magic. A statement jewelry piece for bold personalities that will attract everyone’s attention.


  • The bracelet is made of Solid Sterling Silver 925
  • Silver or Oxidized or Gold-plated 14k or Rose gold plated 14k

Authenticity and Exclusivity: 

  • The bracelet comes with a Certificate Card of Authenticity
  • It’s an Exclusive Design by Harry Mestro
  • It is Limited Edition

Handmade sculptured jewelry

  • Each bracelet is made individually just for you
  • There might be minor differences to the final result since it is handmade
  • Handmade in Mykonos

Special Requests

  • Solid Gold 14k or 18kt upon request (Contact us for price)


  • Please note that the colors shown on different screens might appear slightly differently
  • Ask for availability. If available, it is usually sent in the next 2 days of purchase . The time of delivery differs depending on the destination country
  • If not available, the time of crafting and delivery is up to 45 days depending on the country to be sent to
  • When purchased you have access to a tracking code to trace the item once it is sent